What is SAP Fiori and why is it the solution your company needs?

que es sap fiori

SAP Fiori has revolutionized the user experience at every operational level, transforming into the preferred tool for intelligent businesses. Its speed, simplicity, and efficiency in which a company can innovate its operations are among its many strengths.

Transforming any idea into a consistent and scalable application is one of its multiple virtues. Every day, more smart businesses implement applications that accelerate processes and promote proactive information feeding and consumption.

SAP has developed Fiori as an infinite toolbox that offers developers and designers thousands of options for creating applications. Its adaptation to any platform and fixed or manual device allows Fiori to be fully responsive, modular, and immediately responsive.

Any user can initiate a process on a manual device in a remote location and complete it on a computer or vice versa, favoring operational efficiency. Likewise, companies can reduce up to 80% of the time and resources allocated to developing dozens of front-ends for each operational or analytical phase.

The company can capitalize on every idea and process with applications that allow it to innovate before its competitors, maximizing the end customer’s UX. Despite its undeniable practical utility, Fiori is astonishingly simple, graphically appealing, and functionally optimal.

How does SAP Fiori work?

What Is Sap Fiori And Why Is It The Solution Your Company Needs?

SAP Fiori connects operational functions immersed in a high-value graphical interface, with real-time, personalized, and gradual response. Interaction between upstream and downstream functions is much more efficient and interactive, reducing the use of dozens of applications.

In fact, the system replaces more than 300 mobile applications under SAP and non-SAP environments with universal applicability. Operationally, it works on all platforms and manual devices in the market thanks to its innovative GUIs.

The IU5 user interface is enhanced with the versatility of SAP HANA in a single tool with infinite libraries in multiple programming languages. This promotes the feeding and consumption of different layers of information discernible by each hierarchical level of the company.

The system’s architecture allows the development of apps under the “client-side” vision with a data consumption-load interface with superior UX. Under the MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER paradigm, visualization and loading process can be 100% personalized in 3 scales:

Views: With structure files and layout formats, controls, tables, and/or lists, developed in languages like Javascript, HTML, XML, or JSON.

Controllers: Javascript files that define the logic of the interface adhere to events, validations, and structural models between the system and the backend.

Models: Data sources that feed each application can be SAP or non-SAP, which can be converted from formats like JSON, XML, or oData.

Benefits and Advantages of SAP Fiori

What Is Sap Fiori And Why Is It The Solution Your Company Needs?

What is SAP Fiori and why is it the solution your company needs?

The UI5 powered by SAP HANA allows the company to have applications that optimize interaction between different operational levels under a single tool. This way, developers and designers can leverage the creation of applications that have the following practical benefits:

Role Orientation

The pro-customer vision adapts to the end and intermediate user with a 100% discernible and determinable interface. In other words, each company can decide the levels of access and/or data loading for each user individually.

Each user can access information inherent to their functions and levels in decision-making, providing greater security to the management.

This information will be available without the need for a different application for each organizational level. IU5 divides operations into micro-applications grouped in a single interface and oriented in a scalable and linked manner.


Based on an attractive and intuitive interface, it allows interaction with GUIs on any device and platform. Favoring continuity of data loading or viewing even in remote positions. A user can start a task on a computer and continue it on a mobile device or vice versa.


The minimalist and graphically appealing concept has proven to optimize functions to the maximum. Fiori’s development under the 1-1-3 rule operates under the following premises:

  • 1 user
  • 1 operation
  • 3 work screens


From the simplest and everyday operation to the most complex and analytical one, they retain the same common elements and styles.

Consistent themes and web resources ensure that once the user masters the first level of the app, no new training is required, as it is consistently maintained throughout the chain.

In conclusion, SAP Fiori establishes a new dimension of UX in business operations in an optimized, comfortable, and fully customizable way. Its implementation and immediate response give this tool virtually endless practical use.

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