Advanced Business Solutiones Opentext Content Suite Platform

360° software for digitising documents and business processes.

Opentext provides solutions designed to facilitate decision-making and optimise resources through digitisation. A suite with everything you need for tasks such as information management, information processing and data storage.

Opentext Content Suite Platform
Opentext Vendor Invoice Management Vim

Opentext Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)

Manage, monitor, approve and archive invoices and related documentation. VIM allows you to gain a real-time view of information and access your documents at all times.

Opentext Archive Center

Store, manage and retrieve data and/or files securely and easily. In the cloud, on-premise or hybrid. This module enables users to access information wherever they are, and it also provides general server interfaces for integrating new or business-specific apps.

Opentext Archive Center
Opentext Content Server

Opentext Content Server

An easy-to-use document management platform with a user-friendly interface. Designed to provide control over the entire information workflow, from archiving to disposal, while providing maximum security for all types of content.

Opentext Extended ECM for SAP Solutions

As a SAP Solution Extension Partner, the Extended ECM platform allows users to link all types of documents from other leading apps and synchronise information with SAP, connecting users inside and outside the ERP.

This guarantees a seamless flow of information and ensures that structured and unstructured data reaches the right people.

Opentext Extended Ecm For Sap Solutions
Archiving And Document Access For Sap Solutions

Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions

Makes the way information is searched and displayed in SAP more flexible and speeds up response times. Integrates with SAP to securely store data from different sources in one place, ready for access online.

Getting even more out of the Opentext Content Suite Platform module is within your reach.

We can help you achieve this by integrating it with other modules, offering support and keeping Opentext Content Suite Platform at the cutting edge with all the latest updates.

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