Keep track of all invoices from receipt through to posting accounts.

Optimize your processes SAP VIM by Opentext

SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) by Opentext streamlines and simplifies the process of receiving, processing and monitoring invoices.

This solution uses digital technology to automatically route invoices to the correct person for incident resolution, approval and accounting.

It can accept invoices by any method, whether digital or analogue, and uses artificial intelligence to extract data and store them based on type-specific criteria.

Sap Vim By Opentext

This is the ideal solution for anyone seeking to...

Have all their invoices stored in one place
Find data easily in a single search
Reduce costs and save time
Streamline processes
Limit the scope for human error
Remove the need for paper resources

This solution avoids obstacles from building up in the system and optimises company performance.

Sap Vim By Opentext
Companies implementing SAP VIM enhance productivity by up to 40%.

Number of invoices processed per “process accounts payable” FTE


Cycle from receipt of invoice until approved and scheduled for payment.

A streamlined way to manage all your invoices
Sap Vim By Opentext

What do we do at ImagineRight?

Integración Con Otros Módulos
Integration with other solutions

We adapt our role to suit your company

We develop tailor-made solutions to make the most of SAP VIM, optimising what we do to cater specifically to your business and its needs.

Sap Sd - Ventas Y Distribución

SAP VIM by Opentext

With SAP VIM by Opentext you can optimise all SAP processes focused on documentation. You can efficiently prioritise invoices and orders, generating not only full synchronisation, but also a better experience with customers and suppliers.

The integration of Opentext with SAP is, quite simply, seamless, and allows you to extend functionalities through the integration of new modules.

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