Comprehensive Personnel Management with SAP HCM

The most comprehensive on-premise solution for managing human capital in companies.

SAP HCM brings together all the features you need to optimise the management of your HR department (personnel administration, talent management and more). One of its most important strengths lies in its robust application of payroll processes.

Sap Hcm / Successfactors

It can perform payroll tasks with tax localisation in a large number of countries.

Reduce Los Errores Humanos
Limiting the scope for human error
Permite La Implantación De La Nómina Global
Enabling the implementation of global payroll management
Software Robusto
Robust software
Procesos Estandarizados
Standardised processes

What do we do?

Payroll implementation: Customising tools to fit the needs of your company.
Corrective and evolutive maintenance.
Keeping up to date on any legal changes which may affect employees.
Implementing solutions that add value to human capital management.

What if you could control everything involved in Talent Management anytime, anywhere?

SAP SuccessFactors

The cloud solution your company needs to implement HCM best practices in multiple different areas, such as performance and objectives, recruitment, learning, compensation, central employee payroll and more.

SAP SuccessFactors unlocks the full potential of your staff, providing them with the latest technology for their daily tasks, giving them everything at their fingertips within a clean, user-friendly interface.

All management tasks are carried out in the cloud, granting access to information wherever and whenever you need it.

Sap Hcm / Sap Successfactors

Can be integrated with SAP HCM on-premise installations.

Provides scope for cost reductions in infrastructure, deployment and maintenance through the SaaS model.
Attractive interface.
Attract and gain the services of the best talent for your business.
Provides support for HR departments with regard to recruitment.

Does SAP SuccessFactors add to the capabilities of SAP HCM?

Without a doubt. SuccessFactors is designed to extend the functionality offered by SAP HCM.

Can I incorporate SAP SuccessFactors into my company if I don't have SAP HCM?

Yes. With SAP SuccessFactors, you can keep all employee information in one place and it can also be seamlessly integrated with other employee management software.

Getting even more out of the SAP HCM or SuccessFactors module is within your reach.

We can help you achieve this by integrating it with other modules, offering support and keeping SAP HCM or SuccessFactors at the cutting edge with all the latest updates.

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