Financial management with SAP FI

Designed to address the full range of financial and accounting processes within an organisation.

SAP FI is one of the most important component parts of SAP. It assists in making financial information available for review in real time, while streamlining decision-making and planning, making it an essential tool for the vast majority of companies.

Although a part of the SAP ERP ecosystem in its own right, SAP FI also consists of other sub-modules. Each of these is responsible for different financial tasks designed to perform specific individual functions:

Sap Fi
Banking: collecting and processing all company banking transactions
Assets: managing a company's fixed assets, categorising them and defining relevant parameters.
Consolidation: providing an overview of the general financial position of a company, combining different information from each entity.
Accounts receivable: managing all accounting tasks relating to customer sales.
Accounts payable: automatically creating accounts entries when purchases are made from suppliers, as well as automating payments
Fund management: planning and monitoring budgets, with links created to the people responsible for managing them.
Such a crucial aspect of any solution needs the best professionals on board. That’s where we come in.

We can guide you through the entire SAP FI design and implementation process and offer you our services to make the most of the whole concept:

Corrective and evolutive maintenance
Adaptaciones Legales
Legal adaptation

Getting even more out of the SAP FI module is within your reach.

We can help you achieve this by integrating it with other modules, offering support and keeping SAP FI at the cutting edge with all the latest updates

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