Process all your SAP documentation with Business Center invoices by OpenText.

Operational Efficiency with OpenText Business Center

Designed to optimize document management and business process automation, OpenText Business Center provides a set of tools and functionalities that allow you to capture, organize, process, and distribute critical information within your company.

Thanks to its integration with SAP VIM, you can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline workflows.

Process all your SAP documentation in a single software tool and avoid making significant efforts or investing in multiple resources for document management.

Sap Vim By Opentext

Benefits of Using OpenText Business Center

Operational Efficiency

OpenText Business Center automates workflows and repetitive tasks, reducing the time and effort dedicated to manual activities. This increases operational efficiency by streamlining processes and freeing up resources for other strategic tasks.

Improved Accuracy and Error Reduction

The solution employs advanced technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to accurately extract data from documents. This minimizes errors associated with manual data entry and ensures data integrity.

Integration with SAP

OpenText Business Center tightly integrates with the SAP system, enabling smooth management of information related to business transactions and SAP master data. This improves data visibility and control, optimizing decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

The solution offers advanced security features such as access control, encryption, and audit tracking. This ensures the protection of sensitive data and facilitates regulatory compliance in areas such as privacy, security, and information retention.

Collaboration and Accessibility

OpenText Business Center promotes collaboration among teams by facilitating centralized document review, approval, and sharing. Additionally, its accessibility from mobile devices allows you to access information and make real-time decisions regardless of your physical location.

Perfect if you are looking for...

Operational efficiency and workflow automation
Greater accuracy in information and reduction of human errors
Cost and time reduction
Security and regulatory compliance
Team collaboration and accessibility from different devices
Elimination of paper and the space it occupies
A streamlined way to manage all your documents.
Opentext Business Center

What do we do at ImagineRight?

Integración Con Otros Módulos
Integration with other solutions

We adapt our role to suit your company

We develop tailor-made solutions to make the most of SAP VIM, optimising what we do to cater specifically to your business and its needs.

Business Center Opentext

Opentext Business Center the software that stores and interprets your documents

With OpenText Business Center, you can optimize all SAP processes related to document management.

Thanks to this solution that combines electronic document management, process automation, and integration with SAP VIM to enhance efficiency, you’ll be able to improve productivity and collaboration in your business operations. Request a demo and discover the full potential of this industry-leading SAP solution.

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