Document management ECM

Document Scanning

Scanning as a Service

Our management model for document scanning projects allows us to carry out these tasks as a service in our own premises or to enable a scanning area in your premises.

  • Managed. We collect the documents to be digitized in your premises, then after scanning, the agreed metadata is extracted and the quality of the information is normalized. Finally, they are incorporated into your document system, either by files uploading or directly through the accesses that have been provided to us.
  • On premise. All scanning tasks are carried out at your premises by our professionals. You just have to worry about providing us with access to the documents to be processed and enabling a work place appropriate to the work needs.

Deliverables and auxiliary services

  • Document scanning and storage. The client delivers the documentation for its treatment, scanning, metadata and subsequent custody.
  • Scanning and delivery. The physical documents are delivered, along with the resulting binaries and the load files in XML or CSV format.



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