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SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is a Platform as a Service (Paas) developed by SAP where you can develop your own applications in a cloud computing environment secured by SAP.

It also offers a multitude of tools to cover the entire software life cycle divided into 2 environments: NEO environment and the new Cloud Foundry.

At ImagineRight we will advise you on the migration of your on-premise applications to the new SAP platform.

What services does it offer?

  • Collaboration
    • SAP Jam
    • SAP Cloud Platform, gamification service
    • SAP Documentation Center
  • User experience
    • SAP Cloud Platform Build
    • SAP Fiori Cloud
  • Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Synchronization
    • SAP Agile data preparation
  • Analytics
    • SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services
    • SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics
    • SAP HANA for Advanced Analytics
    • SAP BusinessObjects Cloud
    • SAP Leonardo
  • Internet of things(IoT)
    • SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things
  • Security
    • Cloud App Security with SAP Cloud Platform
    • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication
    • SAP Cloud Platform identity Provisioning
  • Mobile
    • Mobile service for development and operations
    • Mobile service for managing applications and devices
    • Mobile service for application protection
    • Mobile service for SAP Fiori
    • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
  • Business services
    • SAP Business Services for YaaS
    • SAP Localization Hub, tax service
  • Runtime and containers
    • Java
    • XSJS (SAP HANA Extended Application Services, Classic JavaScript Model)
    • HTML
  • Cloud development services
    • SAP Cloud Platform virtual machine
    • Data storage
    • SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services
    • SAP HANA service from SAP Cloud Platform
    • DevOps
    • SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE
  • SAP Monitoring Service
    • SAP Translation Hub




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