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Fiori and UI5 are more than a renovation, a revolution in user interface in SAP. The possibility of using a simple web browser to consume SAP applications that had already been tried with other technologies, has come up with a robust and elegant solution that is worth betting on.

Migrate your mammoth transactions following the guidelines set by the standard.

Fiori features

  • Based on roles:
    Where each user will have access only to the applications that they really need in their position, considerably simplifying usability.
  • Responsive:
    Applications adapt to the size of the device.
  • Simple:
    An application for Fiori must be designed for a specific Person and for a single use case. Also, you shouldn't do more than three navigation steps (three windows). It's what they call the 1-1-3 rule (1 person, 1 use case, 3 navigation steps).
  • Coherent:
    Applications must have the same design and usage logic, so that the experience is the same regardless of the application used.
  • Delightful, delicious experience:
    Which means that the user must be able to establish an emotional relationship with the application.




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