Robotic Process Automation


Use Case

Margarita wakes up every morning and when she arrives to the office there is a hiring Excel with all the discharges for that morning. Margarita company is a temping agency that is responsible for incorporating workers in other companies, so the registration and deregistration of workers is very frequent.

Margarita with the excel, prepares the contracts for the workers, sends to IT a mail with the sign-ups in the company´s systems to create new users, contact by mail with each worker to indicate the incorporation process and welcome them.

In a second step Margarita communicates to the social security the discharge of the employee with one of the 5 types of contracts currently in force. Margarita is very talented and does this operation repeatedly with great efficiency but frequently when the registration of more than 10 employees in a day coincides, this process slows down and sometimes the incorporation of the worker is delayed with the consequent economic and image damage For your company.

Margarita asks her boss for help and she proposes the use of RPA to incorporate a bot that automates this process. They call a company that specializes in this and incorporate a RPA software to automate the process.

After 2 weeks Margarita´s life is another. The bot do a lot of their work, errors and response times have been reduced . She is dedicated to supervise the entire process. Margarita proposes another bot for the discharge process and from computer science they realize and want an equal one to register and cancel the employee in all the company´s systems.

Customers, satisfied with the periods of incorporation of workers, classify their temp agency as a preferred supplier so the temp agency increases sales by 16%.         



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