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Winshuttle: Automating importing data into SAP


SAP FI - FinanzasManaging the consistency, accuracy and validity of data in the SAP system is vital to the efficient and profitable operation of enterprises. However, the transfer of critical information inside and outside SAP transactions with lots of data is usually costly in economic terms and time as well as error prone.

Companies need a solution for fast data input and dynamic low maintenance. Winshuttle automates the export and import of data between SAP and MS Office enabling the user to update SAP data with all controls and reporting.


  • Winshuttle Transaction greatly simplifies the uploading or downloading of automated SAP data using Excel, Access and Web services.
  • Winshuttle Query is a tool for extracting and analyzing data from SAP that allows users to safely move data in real time from the SAP transactional system into Excel for immediate analysis, action and reporting.
  • Winshuttle Direct allows users to leverage SAP BAPI, offering a complete solution for all areas of SAP.
  • Winshuttle Central is a unified tool for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) for Winshuttle products.
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