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SAP MRP - Material Requirement Planning


SAP MRP - Material Requirement PlanningThe main function of material requirements planning is to ensure the availability of material, ie used for the supply or production of quantities in a timely manner both for internal purposes and for Comercial.

This process involves the monitoring of stocks and especially the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing and production department.


  • A primary need (finished product, goods or spare parts) triggers the material requirements planning.
  • To meet these needs, MRP calculates the amounts and dates of sourcing and procurement plans corresponding elements. If a material is produced in-house, the system also calculates your secondary needs (BOM).
  • The system converts these elements planned procurement in Production Orders for in-house production and orders for external procurement.
  • The externally procured materials trigger the procurement process. In this case, he must select the right suppliers or having defined framework contracts.
  • The amounts made available by manufacture or by external procurement are placed in stock and are managed by Inventory Management.
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