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SAP VIM by OpenText - Vendor Invoice Management


SAP VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) is a module developed by OpenText for easy scanning and automatic posting of vendor invoices, which can be integrated with ICC (Invoice Capture Center), OCR (optical character recognition) software for the extraction of invoice data.

It allows invoice management more efficient and fast, rerouting problematic invoices for resolution of their problems, approval, posting and payment.

  • Monitoring invoices to always know the status of the same.
  • Ease and flexibility in the management and approval of invoices, being the image and all relevant information available in the system to all staff involved in the process.
  • Decentralised management of exceptions, directing every problem to the person able to solve it.
  • Paying bills in a timely manner, with the consequent saving costs for late payment.
  • Reduced processing time, optimizing efficiency and improving the relationship with suppliers.


sap vim reducido


We have consultants with extensive experience in implementing this solution and certified by OpenText.


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