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SAP TRM by OpenText - Travel Receipt Management


SAP TRM (Travel Receipts Management) is an add-on developed by OpenText that integrate with SAP Travel Management facilitating the management of travel receipts.

This solution allows greater efficiency in managing travel costs, simplifying the electronically receipt entry process and providing access to data receipt within the management process.

  • Various channels to introduce receipts in the system releasing you from treating paper receipts format (saving in costs of copying / printing receipts).
  • e-receipts repository capabilities with Display and Archiving Documents capabilities which allow approvers and auditors immediate access to all e-receipts allocated to an Expense Report.
  • Integration among HR, FI and Travel Management modules, with the ability to view the image of the e-receipt at any stage.
  • Greater control over costs, improving compliance with corporate expense budget.
  • Standardization and automation of the process which streamlines the management of travel costs and increase the information quality. Integration with OCR software to extract the data from receipt.

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