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SAP EFM by OpenText - Employee Management


SAP EFM (Employee File Management) is an add-on developed by OpenText which is integrated with SAP HCM facilitating the access to all HR documents related in an electronic personal record.

This solution enables a complete management of every employee document, simplifying the data archiving process, as well as the searching and display of such documents.

  • Various channels to enter documents into the system, to suppress the need for having the documents in physical format eliminating printing and transportation costs.
  • File repository with display and documents Archiving capabilities, which allows every employee of the HR area to have immediate access to all documents assigned to an employee.
  • Full integration with SAP HR module, ESS, MSS, HRA, EIC and SuccessFactors allowing archive and display documents from these modules.
  • Document Confidentiality, with which only allowed users will have access to certain documents.
  • Interaction between HR managers and employees that allows a bidirectional information flow at any times.


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